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Czech Equity Daily: 07/06/10; Macro

07.06.2010 09:18:49 | Atlantik

Index PX: 1,135 points (down 4% d/d); volume: CZK 2,914m (USD 139m)

Market comment

The Prague Stock Exchange unexpectedly weakened on Friday, affected by negative news from abroad. Although the PX Index opened unchanged, it eventually fell by 4.03%, erasing the w/w growth. Investors' appetite was weak and buying volumes low. In contrast, selling volumes were solid, reaching almost CZK 3bn. Sell-offs were triggered by statements coming from Hungary regarding the bad condition of its economy and data falsified by the previous government. Hungarian finance minister softened the statements; their aim was to appeal to citizens in connection with political pressure. The US non-farm payroll data were worse than expected. Sell-offs affected mostly the banking sector. Erste Bank dropped from CZK 745 to CZK 677 (-9.37%); however, Komercni banka fell only by 0.8% (CZK 3,660). Other stocks that recorded losses included CME (-6% to CZK 530), VIG (CZK 818) and Orco. NWR found support at CZK 224 (-5.5%). Thanks to upcoming dividend payout, sellers stayed away from CEZ, which lost just 1.2% (CZK 898).

Macro - Czech rating (Analyst: Petr Sklenar)

Fitch Ratings on Friday revised the Czech Republic's sovereign rating outlook to "positive? from "stable?, maintain other ratings. The reason is the outcome of the parliamentary elections and a strong likelihood that a strong centre-right coalition will be formed, with a strong mandate for a faster pace of budget deficit reduction. We consider the new slightly positive and it confirms a positive reception of the elections results from abroad. As a reminder, before the elections some rating agencies mentioned potential ratings downgrade in case of victory of left-wing political parties due to their political programme.

Autor: Atlantik FT

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