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Volkswagen Group strengthens competitive position worldwide

22.10.2009 14:23:00 | RM-SYSTÉM, česká burza cenných papírů
World market share rises to 11.7 percent * Group deliveries grow 11.9 percent in September * Group sales and marketing chief Wittig: “Continuing to steer our way through the crisis better than the competition – 2010 will, however, be a difficult year”

The Volkswagen Group has strengthened its global market position in the current year. During the first nine months of 2009, Europe's largest automaker grew its share of the world passenger car market to 11.7 (January to September 2008: 10.0) percent.


4.76 (2008: 4.78; -0.5 percent)* million vehicles were delivered to customers between January and September, further closing the gap on last year. During the same period, the overall passenger car market fell by around 12 percent.


The Group once again built on the positive developments of previous months in September and recorded 11.9 percent growth in vehicle deliveries to 615,100 (549,500)** units. "We are continuing to steer a steady course through the crisis and are developing better than the competition. We have maintained our position as market leader in the important core markets of China, Brazil and Germany. At the same time we are well placed on emerging growth markets such as Russia and India and have strengthened our market position," Detlef Wittig, Executive Vice President, Group Sales and Marketing, said in Wolfsburg on Friday. But he also warned against excessive optimism: "2010 will be a difficult year, particularly on our core markets in Western Europe," Wittig commented.


Marked rise in Volkswagen brand deliveries in September

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand continues on its successful course. The brand's market share grew 1.5 percentage points during the first nine months to 7.9 (6.4) percent. As at the end of September, deliveries had increased significantly, rising by 7.5 percent to 3.02 (2.81) million vehicles. In the month of September alone, the increase was as high as 22.8 percent to 397,100 (323,300) cars.


The market share in Germany rose to 20.8 (19.6) percent over the nine-month period. With its broad offering of low-consumption models, the brand benefited in particular from the scrapping premium which expired in September. Developments in Brazil and above all China were also a decisive factor in this success. Apart from models such as the Scirocco, Golf, Polo and Gol, the sales figures for the Jetta, Lavida and Passat model series available in China were especially pleasing.


Audi, Škoda and SEAT also outperformed the overall market. Audi delivered 705,400 (762,300; -7.5 percent) vehicles during the first three quarters, developing better than expected. The latest figures underscore Audi's position as the leading premium brand in Europe. Audi achieved high growth in the BRIC states, with deliveries in China rising by 19.7 percent to 108,900 (90,900) units. In the USA, Audi developed significantly better than the premium market.


The Czech brand Škoda delivered 69,000 (59,000; +17.0 percent) vehicles in September. The brand enjoyed particularly strong growth in China and India. 504,600 (530,900; -5.0 percent) vehicles were delivered from January to September.


SEAT delivered 255,400 (287,400; -11.1 percent) vehicles to customers during the first nine months of this year. The continuing difficult situation on the Spanish home market had a noticeable impact.


Pleasing developments in key sales regions

Sales developments in the regions of particular importance to the Volkswagen Group were pleasing. Deliveries in China, the largest sales market, had already overtaken deliveries for the whole of the previous year by the end of the first nine months. 1.06 (0.78; +37.0 percent) million vehicles were sold in China from January to September. Another new delivery record was achieved in the month of September with a rise of 66.4 percent to 149,200 (89,700) units. Volkswagen also recorded noticeably higher deliveries in the entire Asia/Pacific region, selling 1.17 (0.89; +31.6 percent) million vehicles.


With a decline of 15 percent, developments on the automobile market in Europe during the first three quarters were significantly weaker. The Volkswagen Group performed comparatively well, with deliveries only falling by just under 9 percent to 2.48 (2.71) million vehicles.


In North America, 349,700 (382,700; -8.6 percent) vehicles were delivered to customers on a market that shrank by 26 percent. In Canada, deliveries rose by 5.1 percent to 38,600 (36,700) vehicles.


In Brazil, the Group's share of the passenger car market rose to 25.9 (23.9) percent. Deliveries increased by a gratifying 5.6 percent to 523,400 (495,600) units. Once again, the positive trend for the new "Gol", the best-selling vehicle in Brazil, had a noticeable effect. In South America, a total of 619,100 (624,800; -0.9 percent) vehicles were delivered to customers.

* excluding Scania, including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Trucks and Buses for January/February 2009
**excluding Scania

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