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Pannon and T-Mobile to introduce Nokia Messaging in Hungary

11.11.2009 10:22:00 | RM-SYSTÉM, česká burza cenných papírů
Budapest, Hungary - Pannon, T-Mobile and Nokia announced today that they will bring Nokia Messaging, Nokia's easy-to-use email service to their customers having Nokia enabled devices in Hungary. From the 1 st November, all Pannon customers and postpaid T-Mobile customers will be able to access the Nokia Messaging push e-mail service, which supports all leading consumer e-mail solutions, such as Ovi Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail as well as the major local e-mail services, such as Citromail, Indamail and Freemail.

"In today's world, access is of key importance - not only the access to information but also the access to each other. Mobile phones pose an obvious solution to keep in touch with each other, and the combination of a handset and an e-mail solution is perfectly in line with Pannon's goals to offer services to our customers that make their lives easier" - said Gergely Laczkó Tóth, acting CMO of Pannon.

"T-Mobile offers numerous solutions for the ever more popular mobile phone based messaging to its customers, and the offer may become even more complete by introducing NokiaMessaging, as subscribers can pick the solutions best matching their needs. Subscribers increasingly expect the capability to make telephone calls, internet connections and watch TV anytime and anywhere - to have the freedom of accessing information or entertain themselves. Jointly with our partners - e.g. the market leader mobile phone manufacturer Nokia - we wish to fully meet these expectations, building upon our internationally acknowledged, excellent quality network" - said János Winkler, Head of T-Mobile in Hungary, COO Magyar Telekom.

"We are pleased to make this announcement simultaneously with Pannon and T-Mobile. Nokia aims to make mobile e-mail available for as many people as possible; therefore the fact that two Hungarian operators offer Nokia Messaging is an important milestone. With Nokia Messaging, we can meet the need of people to access their public e-mail whenever they want, wherever they want" - said Marcus Störkel, Country Manager for Nokia in Hungary.

Nokia Messaging is an easy to set-up and easy to use push email service which allows the user to mobilize up to ten personal e-mail accounts on one device. With Nokia Messaging, people get the benefit of real time messaging and are able to read, send, forward and reply to emails, view subfolders, download and read attachments and also attach files to emails in real time. Using the push e-mail technology e-mail is swiftly and automatically sent to the mobile phone, without needing to retrieve it. Many users want to enjoy the flexibility of different accounts for each of their communities.

The Nokia Messaging service can be tested for 30 days free of charge. Following the test period it will be available for a monthly charge. Users can initiate the activation of the service at the customer service of their mobile operator. The service can be used with Nokia E52, E66, E72, E71 and N97 mobile phones.

Further information about Nokia Messaging is available on the site of Nokia at http://email.nokia.com as well as on the websites of the operators (www.pannon.hu and www.t-mobile.hu)

About Pannon
Pannon is one of Hungary's leading mobile operators. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Telenor of Norway, Pannon entered the Hungarian market in 1994. By the end of Q4 2008, Pannon had 3.731 million active subscriptions and a market share of 33.9%. Besides voice services, Pannon's business is increasingly dominated by mobile Internet. In addition to its EDGE network available to 99% of Hungary's population for e-mail and browsing, Pannon is continuously developing its 3G/HSDPA network offering the highest mobile data transfer rates. The 3G/HSPA network is currently available in 434 towns and villages across Hungary. Pannon is a leader also in the Hungarian CR landscape: its corporate responsibility initiatives include the Pannon Példakép Foundation, support for public causes, as well as arts and sports sponsorship. www.pannon.hu

About T-Mobile
T-Mobile is the mobile services brand of Magyar Telekom. Magyar Telekom is the largest telecommunication service provider of Hungary, offering the whole range of telecommunication and infocommunication (ICT) services. Further information: www.t-mobile.hu

About Nokia
Nokia is the pioneer of mobile telecommunication, and the world's leading mobile telephone manufacturer. Currently we connect people through different, new channels - by merging sophisticated mobile technology and personalised services we enable people to constantly be in touch with things important to them. Additionally, through NAVTEQ we also offer comprehensive, digital map information as well as jointly with Nokia Siemens Networks we offer tools, solutions and services for mobile network operators.

Media Enquiries:

Dr. Emese Majorosi
Press&Information Director
Tel. +36 20 930 3999
Email: sajto@pannon.hu

T-Mobile (Magyar Telekom)
Ildikó Zoltai
Tel. +36 1 265 9676
Email: zoltai.ildiko@telekom.hu

Open Communications
Samu Zsófia
Tel. 239 1098
E-mail: zsofia.samu@opencom.hu

Tel. +358 7180 34900
Email: press.services@nokia.com


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