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Worldwide deliveries by Volkswagen Group up 21 percent in period to April

24.05.2010 10:25:00 | RM-SYSTÉM, česká burza cenných papírů
Volkswagen and Audi brands grow by over 20 percent • Škoda and SEAT also report appreciable increase • Group Board Member for Sales Klingler: “Sales situation well developed – but we remain cautious about full-year assessment”

The Volkswagen Group continues to steer its successful course on global automotive markets, delivering 2.34 (January to April 2009: 1.93)* million vehicles worldwide in the first four months of the current year. This corresponds to growth of 20.9 percent. Europe's largest automaker has therefore once again outperformed the global market (+18.1 percent).

"The delivery situation in the first third of the year developed well. The strong upward trend continues on growth markets such as China and Brazil, where Volkswagen is particularly successful. In addition, the Volkswagen Group also made excellent progress on mature markets such as Western Europe and North America," Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler said in Wolfsburg on Monday. "Despite the very positive performance to date, we remain cautious about our forecast for the full year. It is still very difficult to predict macroeconomic developments," he added.


Very good development in all key sales regions worldwide

Vehicle deliveries by the Volkswagen Group from January to April rose on all key automotive markets. 620,500 (405,500) vehicles were delivered in China - the largest market for both the Group and the core brand Volkswagen - representing a 53.0 percent rise and another new record. 217,000 (209,300; +3.7 percent) units were sold on the Brazilian market. In India, unit sales almost doubled to 10,400 (5,300; +96.0 percent) vehicles.

In the USA, 112,600 (81,800) customers chose a new car from the Volkswagen Group, which led to a gratifyingly high increase of 37.7 percent. On the overall European market, the Group brands delivered 1.13 (1.03) million vehicles from January to April, corresponding to an increase of 9.5 percent. In Western Europe, deliveries grew 11.9 percent to 1.01 (0.90) million vehicles.

In Germany, Volkswagen delivered 345,500 (369,700; -6.5 percent) vehicles in the first four months of the current year on an overall market that, as expected, continues to contract (-25.5 percent) following the surprisingly high growth rates in 2009, and therefore performed significantly better than the competition. "There is evidently a demand for high-quality products coupled with the latest environmentally-friendly technologies, even on a difficult market," Klingler said.


Deliveries by Volkswagen Passenger Cars remain at high level

There was a strong rise in the number of vehicles sold by the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand: In the period to April, deliveries rose to 1.49 (1.21; +22.6 percent) million vehicles. In China, 494,000 (335,500; +47.2 percent) cars had been delivered by the end of April. In Europe, deliveries grew 11.7 percent to 547,000 (489,700) vehicles. The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 191,800 cars (194,300; -1.3 percent) on its home market of Germany. The Golf was by far the most popular model, with worldwide deliveries of roughly 223,000 (170,200) units representing a rise of 31 percent. The Passat Lingyu, Magotan and Lavida model ranges available in China were also extremely successful, with the rise in deliveries well over 50 percent.


Audi, Škoda and SEAT report high growth rates

Audi continued its growth of recent months and delivered 360,800 (291,700; +23.7 percent) vehicles worldwide from January to April. During this period, the Ingolstadt-based company reported high double-digit growth in South America (+80.7 percent) and in Asia-Pacific (+65.7 percent). Audi delivered 71,100 (41,200; +72.6 percent) vehicles in China, which remains the market with the strongest growth, topping the 70,000 mark for the first time and making China the premium brand's largest market. The new Audi A5 Sportback and A5 Cabriolet as well as the Q5 were among the most popular models.

Škoda delivered 242,100 (204,100; +18.6 percent) vehicles worldwide. The Czech brand enjoyed very strong growth in China, selling 54,800 (28,500; +92.6 percent) units. The brand also continued to grow deliveries on its home market of the Czech Republic to 18,900 (15,000; +25.8 percent) units. In terms of vehicles, the Fabia models equipped specially for the Chinese market developed very well at 11,300 (4,200; +169.4 percent) units.

SEAT delivered 117,400 (106,100; +10.7 percent) vehicles worldwide during the first four months. The company was particularly successful in Western Europe with deliveries totaling 103,500 (90,900; +13.8 percent) units. On its home market Spain, SEAT delivered 35,000 (23,900; +46.2 percent) units. The Exeo Sport Tourer and Exeo enjoyed the highest growth rates.

* excluding Scania, including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Trucks and Buses for January and February 2009
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