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17.10.2013 10:38:00 | Borealis Exploration Limited

Gibraltar, 9 October 2013 – WheelTug plc announced today the execution of a Slot Purchase Agreement with Malaysia Airline System Berhad (Malaysia Airlines) Airlines for 68 737NG Systems. With the new reservations the order book of WheelTug® aircraft drive systems grows to 641 delivery slots reserved by twelve airlines from Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia. Seven of those airlines are flag carriers.

Current commercial aviation practice utilizes a tug for aircraft gate pushback, while forward taxi is powered by the aircraft's engines. The electric WheelTug unit drives the aircraft without using the engines. In addition to lower ground operation fuel consumption, other benefits of the WheelTug® aircraft drive systems include: removal of the time and safety costs of the use of ground tugs, substantially reduced carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, increased safety and flexibility of

operations, faster turnaround times, reduced engine wear and repair costs, and decreased noise pollution. WheelTug estimates the total savings at over US$1.1 million per aircraft per year.

WheelTug Systems will be offered to the airlines entirely on a lease, or power-by-the-hour basis, so that the systems can be installed and operated on aircraft without any capital expenditure on the part of the airline whatsoever.

WheelTug plc successfully installed and tested the first in-wheel WheelTug in Prague in June 2012. Video from the tests is available at http://media.wheeltug.com.

About Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines, a 5-star airline, is the national carrier of Malaysia and a member of one-world alliance. Flying an average of 47,000 passengers daily to over 60 destinations worldwide, Malaysia Airlines makes 340 flights each day. With a fleet of 120 aircraft, including 6 A380s, Malaysia Airlines is proud of its lengthy record of service and best practice excellence as reflected in the multiple awards received. In 2013, Malaysia Airlines reaffirmed its ‘World’s 5-star airline’ rating and ‘Best Airline Signature Dish’ recognition by Skytrax at the World Airline Awards, and is

recognized as ‘Asia’s Leading Airline’ at the World Travel Awards 2013.

About WheelTug plc

WheelTug plc is a Gibraltar Corporation. A full listing of WheelTug partner companies and airline customers is on the company's website at http://www.wheeltug.gi.

Forward-looking statement at http://www.wheeltug.gi/fls.shtml

For more information:

Jan Vana, Director, WheelTug plc

+420 724 276 506, +1 410 419 0082

exec@wheeltug.gi www.wheeltug.gi

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