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Borealis Exploration Limited announces that its subsidiary, WheelTug plc, and New Frontier Group to

07.06.2016 16:05:00 | Borealis Exploration Limited

New Frontier and WheelTug Aircraft Electric Drive Program to partner on Digital and IT initiatives

VIENNA and GIBRALTAR, 6 June 2016 - New Frontier Group, leader in Digital Transformation in CEE, has become partner with WheelTug plc to develop and support corporate applications including enterprise management systems for WheelTug's innovative aircraft electric drive system.

The new agreement expands existing cooperation between the two companies on consulting and development of management and control systems for WheelTug's business. New Frontier will cooperate wth WheelTug to design, develop, implement and support software to manage the WheelTug systems' life cycle, including but not limited to purchasing of components and parts, tracking thereof, tracking usage of WheelTug systems, data analysis, billing, etc. New Frontier will support WheelTug in the process of Digital Transformation across several business areas.

The agreement also calls for New Frontier to provide such other development, programming, IT assistance and quality assurance control systems as WheelTug and New Frontier may mutually agree upon.

New Frontier Group is the leader for Digital Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe and operates worldwide with direct subsidiaries in 15 countries. The company's wide portfolio ranges from consulting services, integration of comprehensive IT solutions and service, to own IP products and services. A partner to more than 300 out of the Top 500 companies in Central and Eastern Europe, New Frontier Group supports its clients in their own digital transformation by offering innovative, customer-facing products and consulting services to reshape business models. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

WheelTug plc, based in Gibraltar, is developing an innovative e-taxi electric drive system for aircraft that will enable aircraft to taxi, forward or backward, using twin electric motors in their nosewheels. Airlines' savings in flight turnaround time, fuel, reduced aircraft damage, emissions and other factors are expected to total more than $1,000 per flight. The system, now in the certification process, is expected to enter service, initially for the Boeing 737NG family of aircraft, by early 2018.

A full listing of WheelTug partner companies and airline customers is on the company's website at http://www.wheeltug.gi. Forward-looking statement at http://www.wheeltug.gi/fls.shtml.

For more information:

WheelTug plc New Frontier Group

Jan Vana Arnost Schmidt

Director Head of Business Development and Alliances

WheelTug plc New Frontier Group

+44 207 993 4293 or +49 172 217 3169 or

+420 724 276 506 + 420 606 769 666

exec@wheeltug.gi schmidt@newfrontier.eu

www.wheeltug.gi www. newfrontier.eu

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